Our children did a lot of research and checked around, but we had visited friends at Garnett Place before. We’ve lived here for 2 years now. The caretakers, management, cleanness, garden and beauty of the place made us pick Garnett Place. Having done a lot of gardening myself, I know it takes a lot of work. There is always someone there to help take care of you if there is a fall and I am always very pleased with the care. I try to make it as much like home that I can. I do anything I can to help others because I know it’s a big change in their lives too. I like it very well because I’m a people person. I enjoy the table conversation with the women I eat with and enjoy getting to know my neighbors. There is a nice library and I don’t have to go anywhere to get books. I like the activity program because it really keeps us on our toes. Try everything, see if you enjoy it, and you can learn something new every day. I really like the University of Iowa Art Museum classes. It gives me a lot of thought and I’ve enjoyed that very much. And the music programs have been great.